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ProductsOmran Sirjan Tractor Mfg. Co. (OSTMCO) established its factory in 2001 under the registration No. 1307. The company started its activities in Sirjan Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) and has succeeded in manufacturing different types of agricultural tractors. The company has been manufacturing garden, paddy, industrial, and agricultural tractors in different forms, including articulated and two-differential tractors, on a list of their priorities. These tractors are used for working in gardens, rice paddies and also are used for fishing. They all have one-year warranty and 10-years of after-sales services which are offered to the customers through the network of Sales Agencies in Iran and can be offered through the Sales Agencies belonging to the contracting party outside Iran.

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office Address:

Unit 32 – No. 37 – Saee 2nd Street – Valie Asr Avenue  Tehran – Iran

post code: 1511933665

Tell: 88209027 – 88209025(+9821)

Factory: Kerman, Sirjan Special Economic Zone(SSEZ)


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